Monday, June 20, 2005

Little Miss Attitude

My daughter has developed an attitude. Admittedly, she's had to defend herself from her big brother for a while now. He doesn't hit or anything, but he can bribe or otherwise "negotiate" his way regardless. She'll realize she's been had, but not sure how until after it's done. So she's started acting out. It's not big stuff, but it's really starting to be an issue.

To get past someone, she'll push (regardless if there's space for her to go around).
Annoy her in the sand box, she'll put sand in your hair (she doesn't throw, she just pours).
Accidentally hit her, even if you apologize she'll hit back.
She's become a constant chatterbox.

One by one, it's not much.. but doing it consistently gets tiring. There's more to it than I listed, that's just yesterday's list. You can correct her, get her to apologize, etc, but the attitude just comes back. I'm hoping it's just a 4 year old thing. Arrrrr.

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