Sunday, June 05, 2005

Eclectic Pink Birthday Party

We had my daughter's birthday party yesterday. Her birthday isn't actually for another week, but we'll be at Disney then so we had it now. Anyway, it was my son's first experience with a (pretty much) all-girl party. My daughter got to help pick everything out. It was a My Little Pony/Care Bear/Dora/Strawberry Shortcake/Princess party with a pink flower pinata. She sent out 8 invitations, all to little girls. The only other boy there was a friend of the family. So my son and that boy (who's 3, will be 4 next month) stuck together the entire time. I'm still not sure what all the girls got into, but they was a little gaggle of little 3 & 4yo girls running around.

My daughter had a Care Bears cake and popsicles. She didn't want ice cream (much to my son's chagrin). We had Care Bear blow outs & hats, My Little Pony plates, Dora cups, Strawberry Shortcake napkins, and Princess invitations. Generic "happy birthday" table cloth, mouse balloons, and very pink plasticware. My daughter thought it was all "just perfect". :)

The fresh-picked Strawberries were a hit with everyone that came. Yea!

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