Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sports & School

Well, my daughter has decided she liked ballet and had fun at her recital. She is, though, mad at her teacher. It'll be a while before she "forgives" that. In the meantime she wants to try gymnastics or jazz or karate (just not ballet). My son wants to try karate as well. I'm looking into various programs at various places for over the summer. It may actually be that they enroll in Choi Kwang Do with a teacher who taught at my daughter's school. I'll have to wait and see.

My son is ready for soccer to be done too. He's enjoyed it, he's just ready for summer. But from what I've seen from all the kids at the preschool, that's true for all the kids. They're not being "bad", just very active and a lot more noisy.

We're wrapping up the school year. My daughter gets done next Wednesday. This friday her class is making pancakes, then Monday is their carnival. Wednesday they're having a "picnic" and a magic show. My son gets done on the 25th. Tomorrow is their field day & carnival, a week from Friday is "water day" for the Kindergarten. There's probably more planned but I'm not aware of it currently.

I'm looking forward to summer, but then again I'm not. The kids are occupied while they're at school, but we're ready for a break. Though I'll have them home 24x7 until school restarts too. Go figure.

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