Monday, May 02, 2005

Preschool theme - the Ocean

So, we started a new theme this week. For the last bit of school, the theme is the ocean. For our sensory table, we're set up for fishing. We have the plastic fish and rods with magnets (kid toys), aquarium gravel, a few shells, some real fishing lures (no hooks!), and some plastic sea creatures all floating around. They can fish with the fishing rod (catch the magnetized fish) or with a net (everything else).

I also brought in a one man inflatable boat that I picked up at Big Lots for $6. My lead teacher brought in a small "pool". We dropped more of the magnetized fish in there and put a rod with it. The kids can sit in the boat and fish.

We also have goggles, swim masks and fins. They had an absolute blast with it all today.

One of our art projects is to create a Rainbow Fish. We took aluminum foil, crumpled it, spread it back out, then painted it. Once the paint dries, they'll get a fish pattern on construction paper. They'll cut/tear the aluminum foil and glue it to their fish. When they're done, they'll have a great little rainbow fish.

I happen to be a certified SCUBA diver, so next week I'm going to take in some of my gear (octupus, BC) and let the kids see it. I also have a video of me doing a dive at EPCOTs Living Seas exhibit. I'm going to take that in for them to watch.

Since this Thursday is Cinco De Mayo, we'll have a brief interlude to talk about the holiday. It'll actually happen Friday as the kids have their spring concert Thursday. We've got a piñata for the kids, a sombrero and such.

Fun Fun Fun. :)

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