Friday, May 06, 2005

Portable DVD players

I've been shopping around for a portable dvd player for a while. I did my research with Consumer Reports and watched posts on various boards about people's experiences with their portable players. I saw a post at one point about Eddie Bauer portable players on sale at Target. Unfortunately for me, I never found that sale in my area. I finally found a price for a system I can afford and has the features I wanted. I got the Durabrand (Wal-Mart's relabelled Memorex system) dual monitor system with car kit today on sale for $230. It has both monitors, case, batteries, car adapter, etc. The best deal I've seen (at least in my area).

I don't know if it was a special "Mom's Day sale" or not, though they had lots of electronics out specifically for Mother's Day on sale when I went. But I'm happy with my purchase (though hubby says it was an unnecessary one). Now my kids can watch TV in the den, hubby can have sports upstairs, and I can sit in the kitchen (where I usually end up) and watch a movie. :) I took the TV out of the kitchen in order to get my kids to EAT.

Note: The system can also be plugged in to a gaming system. If I've read the manual properly, you can have one monitor playing games while the other is watching a video. Cool, huh? Not that I can use that since I don't have a playstation or anything (see my menu bar, 'eh?).

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