Friday, May 27, 2005

BlogHer Conference

This sounds like a cool concept. I'm east coast, not to mention have kids to take care of, so I can't go. I thought I'd mention it anyway in case any of you others might be interested in it.

"This flagship event is open to all bloggers-including men and beginners-interested in enhancing their online exposure, learning the latest best practices in blogging, networking with other bloggers, and specifically cultivating the female blogging community."

You can find more information on it here:

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Unknown said...

Last year we sought to answer the question 'where are the women bloggers?' And did so with a resounding 'We're right here!.' This year we're asking our community: 'How is your blog changing your world?' Blogs are helping people change their own lives, and impact their families, their businesses, their communities and the world.

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