Saturday, May 14, 2005

Birthday Party

Speaking of birthday parties and such, we'll celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday before we head to Disney. We'll invite most of her friends from school. We have to limit the attendees to 8, though. My house just isn't that big. In the process of planning, I had my daughter come up with what she wanted for her "theme". She came up with My Little Pony, Care Bears, Princess, and Dora. So we have Dora plates, Care Bear hats & blowers, My Little Pony cups and napkins, Princess invitations. :) It will be interesting to see what she puts on her cake. We also have pink utensils and a pink flower piñata. My mom says the general theme is "pink" (my daughter's favorite color), which is appropriate too.

Since it's June, I ordered one of these from One Step Ahead:

We should have a lot of fun.

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