Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pollen - Ick!

I don't know what the pollen count is anywhere else, but around here it's been in the 1000+ range for the last few weeks. Todays count is at 1003. It's no wonder my son is coughing and I'm so exhausted. (Not counting mental tiredness due to children.) I've been lucky lately and thought I'd gotten off light. I started taking the claritin early (doesn't normally do anything) and have only had minor eye itching and sneezing. I hadn't figured into the fact that I'm so tired I hit the bed and crash each night.

My kids are asthmatic, so allergies can really hit them hard. At the start of the season my daughter reacted very poorly. She's doing much better, though her brother has been coughing. Fortunately, it's just a cough. Only time it's really bothersome is at night. Delsym takes care of that just fine.

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