Friday, April 15, 2005

My Preschool Class

The insect sensory table didn't go over as well as I'd have liked. They had soil, plastic bugs, and gummy worms. The main comment I got was "gross". :) Next week's sensory table will be baskets with that green styrofoam stuff and silk flowers. They'll be able to make their own flower arrangements. The theme of the week is "plants".

I've been asked to come back next year. My only problem is that we may move. The way I *want* it to work out is that we list, sell, and stay until the end of the school year (leasing the house back). Whether that works or not would remain to be seen. If it did, I wouldn't have any problems working again with my preschool (and the teacher I've been working with) next year. I hate the idea, though, that if I came back and we move without being able to stay, that I'll leave the school without an assistant. Their solution is for me to commute. ;) So many unknowns..

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