Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mean Mommy

I apparently can't do anything right lately. At least, the latest survey of young boys in this household seems to indicate that. My son has been on the "no" and "it's not fair" and "I won't.." kick lately. I'm not sure where he's getting it from unless it's school or he just doesn't feel well.

One instance:
My kids start getting baths at 7p. A friend of my son's showed up last night at 6:55. I told them both when he got there that they had 10 minutes. At 7:05, I told friend that it was time for him to go. I then made children continue with their regular routine. It being a school night, there's no negotiation.

Second instance:
My kids wanted to go over to a friend's house. My son and his friend didn't want to be "responsible" for little sister. That's acceptable. I walked her down the street with them to get a chance to talk to the friend's mom. We're planning a block party late June and I wanted to set a date. I'd only PLANNED on being there 30 minutes. Then I'd figured daughter and I would head home and cook dinner. Son could then follow a bit later to eat. Son had wanted friend to come eat dinner. Friend's mom said "no, not tonight". Instead offered to let both kids spend the night Friday. Acceptable alternative. I ended up staying (due to discussion of party) longer than planned. So I brought both kids home. I then expected both kids to eat dinner when we got home. My son refused. Various other issues came up, I ended up leaving the room to keep from strangling son.

THose are just the latest incidents. This has been going on for at least a week. I told my son tonight that if his attitude continued and I decided it was because he wasn't sleeping well enough, his bed time would become earlier (7:30p). If it still continued, we'd set bed time to 7p. After that, I'll take him to a doctor to make sure it's nothing physical. Argh. I want my sweet boy back.

I know you're not supposed to argue with your younger kids. It's hard, though, not to. I want him to understand WHY I do things and that sometimes it's just because "I say so".

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