Friday, April 22, 2005

Kids aren't home

My children were invited up the street to spend the night with a friend. For you parents that have already been through this, I'm sure you know what it's like. My son has spent the night with a friend before, my daughter has only gone to her grandparents' homes. Their friend's dad has taken them out to a basketball game. They're very excited about going and are having a blast. I, on the other hand, am vibrating. I *so* want to give them some freedom, but it's hard "letting it happen". Argh.

So, I'll go occupy myself with all the other things I've been up to. I'm learning spanish, so I can go conjugate some verbs for practice. I'm taking a writing class, so I can go read up on my punctuation. I'm trying to get my business restarted, so I can go read Zig Ziglar's book "I'll see you at the top!" My kids aren't here, so I can go watch "Van Helsing". I'm having a Keedo party tomorrow, so I can go finish cleaning downstairs. Hmm.. nope.. think I'll just vibrate. ;)

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