Friday, April 08, 2005


My children are on each others nerves the last couple of days. Both are reacting badly to the pollen and such in the air. If they go out, they start coughing. If they stay out, they have problems breathing. So, they're staying in. On spring break. I've got a filter on the house fan, so that's been running all week, plus misc. air filters around the house. So, the house is "clean". Unfortunately, it means that they're limited as to what they can do. After a while, everything is boring, and siblings are meant to be beaten/wrestled.

Mom, on the other hand, separates and is "mean". My mom (their nana) has offered to take them for tonight. I'm not sure I want to take them over there.. I don't want to have them throttle their grandparents in a fit of boredom. (Or have my parents decide they won't handle my little demons..)

I think we'll all go take a nap.

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