Monday, February 21, 2005

Night Terrors and Kids

I've been living with this since my son was a year old. It's not something I think actively about any more, it's just something that happens here. I have to be very careful about what my kids watch, are told, etc, as they can trigger those nightmares in the night. Night terrors to my kids means sitting in the bed and either screaming or crying inconsolably. As my son has gotten older, his night mares have gotten easier to control, and he's better able to soothe himself back to sleep. My daughter, on the other hand, is still at that stage that she needs contact until she sleeps again.

The turning point for my son was when my daughter was old enough to sleep in the same bed as him. We bought ourselves a king size bed and gave our kids the queen. This worked great until my daughter got sick with something quite painful and quite contagious. We then separated them into twin beds, though in the same room. This is the status quo for us now. At some point, I'm sure, my son will decide he needs his own room again.

Note: He has a room that is "his", it's where his clothes and toys are kept. They sleep in "her" room. He'd rather put up with all her princess stuff and dolls right now than try to sleep on his own. I won't fight if it helps them sleep.

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letti said...

i think that's wise..probably give him his time to get over his fears and then're a great mommy!