Thursday, February 24, 2005

Have you ever..

had a month where it looks like everything will (finally) get fixed/done/paid, etc? My month is looking much better than it had been. I got taxes filed (waiting on the refund) which will pay off a credit card. I went to a home show and "won" 3rd prize at one of the carpet displays. They come tonight to give me an estimate on carpet for the house (we desperately need it). The local Kroger is doing a promotion and wants to talk to me about my toy business and see if it can be included. My daughter's school is doing a fund raiser with my greeting cake business. I've managed to figure out the basics of CSS, and am working on SEO. My daughter's school is sending me to a 'teacher training' session this weekend. I borrowed a pilates DVD from netflix and tried that last night (going to give it about 10 days).

So on my side everything is looking pretty good. My husband's side however seems to need work.. the dryer is still broken, the vanity light is hung upside down, the closet in the office needs a light installed, etc..

Of course, having said all this, it could all change very quickly..

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