Sunday, February 20, 2005

Children who won't eat

My son is an extremely picky eater. More often than not he won't eat whatever I fix. So for the most part I stopped trying to cook figuring he'd eat if he were hungry and not worry about it. Since starting Kindergarten he's improved. I won't say a huge amount, but he's being better about it. I make him have school lunches and he gets PB&J'd out. :)

My daughter lately hasn't wanted to eat either. Now on her side is that she hasn't felt well. I realize that being sick affects apetite. But this girl normally eats anything. Tonight (after complaining of being hungry) she decided she was NOT going to eat what we'd cooked. Tomorrow being a day off from school I had planned on taking them to lunch and a movie. Given that she won't eat at home, I won't take them out to lunch. I can give them 'junk' to eat at home much more cheaply than at BK or McDs.

My son tried to help by conning his sister in to eating. She ate one bite, then threw dinner out. My son decided he "didn't care" if we go out tomorrow or not. I think he's disappointed but decided that it just doesn't matter. *sigh* I hate tying one's behavior to rewards for both, but without babysitting it's hard to take just one out.

Now I get to decide if we'll do the movie anyway (with no snacks), or just skip it.


Darlene Schacht said...

I can totally picture my children in the exact same scenario. It would be a hard decision. But at least your son understood and tried to talk her into it. My five year old is so fussy and he has slightly changed since kindergarten as well. The problem with him has been alergies on top of fussy which made cooking very difficult. He is skinny of course.

letti said...

i was watching "supernanny" the other day teaching a mother how to make eating fun for this super super brat by counting his bites with him and praising him profusely. The mother was like..oh brother..*LOL*