Thursday, January 13, 2005


I registered my son for soccer last night. Gotta send in the check, though. He's doing a 'pick-up' league for basketball right now through some of the local churches. The soccer will be through a larger soccer association. Last time it was through the county. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of playing in a semi-"real" league. (He's only 6, so it's not as competitive at this point, which is a VERY good thing.)

My daughter loves ballet. She's 3 and taking it one day a week with a teacher who comes to her preschool. So it's 3 & 4 year olds taking it. She tried gymnastics, which she thought was fun, but she kept asking to try ballet.. I used to love dance too, we'll see how long this sticks around.

Hubby didn't get around to checking my dryer last night. Or at least, not to opening it up and confirming his guess as to what's wrong (belt loose). So now I have clothes hanging all around my kitchen with another load in the wash that needs to find a room to spread out in. My cats love laundry. They'll happily find the cleanest clothes that are waiting to be put away and curl up on top. If you move them and put away that stack of laundry, they'll just move to the next stack. It is apparently an irresistable draw.

I have a cat that loves plastic bags too. If you leave a grocery bag on the floor, he'll find it, make it crinkle a bit while he circles round and round (like a dog) until he gets it "just right" then lay down. He looks highly offended if you then remove the bag from under him.

I'm acting as a semi-substitute today. If I'd already been cleared by the county, I'd get paid, but I don't take the class until next week. Anyway, a bunch of teachers have headed to Savannah for some sort of gathering and there's a shortage of subs. I normally volunteer at the school on Thursday mornings anyway, but the teacher I volunteer for is one of those in Savannah. So I was recruited to volunteer in another classroom for the morning since they couldn't find a sub for it. The para-pro (or assistant in the class) will be there doing the teaching, I'm to add extra hands/eyes until time to pick my daughter up from preschool.

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