Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just want to rant

I've turned off comments on this post 'cause I'm not interested in your opinion, I just want to rant.

First, husbands need to learn to participate in their children's lives. My son had a basketball game this morning. I started getting everyone dressed at 9a, we had to BE THERE by 10a. Should have been plenty of time as it takes 5 minutes to dress. Well, hubby decided to take his time and we didn't walk out of the house until 9:50, meaning we don't get there until 10:10. ARGH! So to get my "revenge" I volunteered him to "coach" one of the games. He'd planned on sitting OUTSIDE doing anything BUT watching his son, so I decided he could just help instead.

OK. Second rant. We borrowed my brother-in-law's car from him while we're STILL waiting to get our car back from the shop. He's been trying to sell it for a month now. They borrowed our car many times while getting their car fixed. So when insurance stopped covering car rental, I figured it was only fair that we should be able to borrow theirs. Well, hubby had to take it to see if it would be sold today. Meaning we're back to having to pay rental fees on another car. Now, I'll grant we knew the car we'd borrowed was being sold. But *I* would have considered it polite to hold off selling it a bit when your brother asks to borrow it for a while. ESPECIALLY when we'd allowed the brother's wife to borrow ours many times. And it was while she was driving MY car that MY car died completely (another story, won't go into it here). APPARENTLY some family members don't consider that an issue. They've got a buyer for the car, so it will be sold. BAH! RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! (my opinion, I don't care about yours).