Sunday, January 16, 2005

Definitely Wash before Wear

I got my son some pj's last Friday on sale at the Disney store. When he asked to wear them I told him I hadn't washed them yet. He asked how long it would take me to wash them, I said not long, but with my dryer broken it would take a day before they dried. He really really really wanted to wear them, so I let him.

Now hubby is sensitive to the dye in clothes, so new stuff always has to be washed before he can wear it. I've always done that for the kids, but then it's only the last few days I haven't had my dryer and been able to wash their new stuff when it comes in.

Well, last night my son comes in last night.. "Mama, we have a problem..." He was covered in hives and itching uncontrollably. I had him change out of the new pj's, covered him in caladryl, and gave him a good dose of benadryl. This morning the hives are gone.

So, what did we learn? Definitely to wash new stuff before wearing. Dryer or no. (My wet clothes are taking over the house while they dry.. I refuse to get as far behind on the laundry this time..)

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