Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Amazing Race thoughts

I thought I'd missed it last night 'cause they keep changing the time on it and I'm still tired from the weekend. Anyway, I managed to watch it, and hubby sat with me for part of it. Hubby snickered through the part he watched just at the players, not so much as what they're doing.

Being a certified diver, it was fun/funny watching Adam NOT be able to sink to the bottom by letting the air out. He was so INFLATED he couldn't even move. I'll give him a thumbs up, though, for being willing to try again so that they could qualify for the fast forward. Best move I've seen him make so far this game.

Hayden needs to get a grip. Admittedly Aaron needs to show more of his competitive side as well. He doesn't seem to care so much, so I can see where it'd stress her out.

Jonathan needs to learn that a team WORKS TOGETHER. Not blame one half of the team for all the mistakes. Everything that goes wrong is NOT Victoria's fault. I hope she learns a lesson during all this and maybe decides Jonathan is not her best choice. Obviously, though, Jonathan can't even stomp grapes right.

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