Friday, July 12, 2019

Preparation for college dorm life #daughter #GCSU

Not even going into the mental preparation that I'm going to have to make in order to get her to college, there's the actual preparation of STUFF that has to be made.  School is costly enough, without having to worry about "everything else".  So where ever possible I'm thrifting her supplies.  It's a combination of ways and places to thrift. 

I tend to "surf" Goodwill stores.  These have been getting more pricey the last year or so, so it's one you have to watch the prices on.  For example, I went to get a plastic basket that they had priced for 0.99.  However, flipping the basket over, I found the original price tag of 0.50.   Hmm..  Anyway, I found some sheets and some storage containers at Goodwill.

Estate sales can be a pain.  The good ones have lines that start long before the sale begins.  So it's kind of like going yard saling with more to "find".  I've found towels, a printer ($20), a vacuum ($8) and miscellaneous other items this way.

Online sales are ones you just have to be patient for.  Amazon Prime days are next week, so I'll be watching those.  Woot is also having a birthday sale soon, so I'll watch that one too.  I picked up a rug ($10 w/shipping) for her dorm from ThinkGeek's closeout sale.

School supplies, though, I pretty much already have on hand.  When the kids were younger I'd hit the Staples/Office Depot sales and get pencils/paper etc for a penny.  I still have a good bit of stock hidden away.

So, with the dorm stuff taken care of, now I can begin the mental prep for me.

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