Friday, January 25, 2019

Touring Nashville - Parthenon and Hermitage #Nashville #birthdaytrip

On the day we were to head home (Tuesday), we stopped on our way out at the Parthenon (in Centennial Park) and at the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson's home).  We would have stopped at the Parthenon on the trolley tour, but the one day it's closed is the one day we took the trolley tour.  So it was postponed to the next day.

The Parthenon was very impressive.  Built for the centennial exhibition, it was originally out of wood and plaster.  Eventually, due to popularity, it was rebuilt in concrete.  The statue of Athena is to size as the original.

The Hermitage is an interesting side trip.  A chance to see an old plantation and hear some of the history behind it.  Not as much fun when it's cold outside, though.  You can't take pictures inside the home, but it was very nice.  You can see the family cemetery plot as well as slave cabins and the original home before the big house was built.

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