Monday, July 09, 2018

Campus Tours and college prep #GeorgiaCollege #daughter #HighSchoolSenior

I'm taking my daughter on her final campus tour today.  This one is the most likely candidate for her.  She still likes Wesleyan and Agnes Scott, but funds are a big factor.  It still won't be inexpensive.  Given the distance, she'll have to live on campus.  She isn't likely to have transportation, unless we get really lucky, so there's that too.  She starts her final year of high school in August, so now we have to work on what's next.

I'm not forcing my kids to go to college.  But, given their chosen areas to work in, it's hopefully beneficial.   I've done all I can to get them ready for stepping out, I only hope it's enough.  In the mean time, we're off to see what campus looks like and start the process for applications.

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