Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Center for Puppetry Arts and the Little Pirate Mermaid @CtrPuppetryArts

I was given two tickets to preview the show in exchange for my honest review.

I had to use this photo as it was in the entry between the ticket window and the theater/museum area.  I grew up with Labyrinth, so I felt the need to sit on the throne.

The show "Little Pirate Mermaid", though, was very good.  It is definitely aimed at the younger crowd.  The one warning I would give (and they give at the theater as well) is that there is canon fire and flashing lights.  At least one small child at our preview ended up in tears as a result.  So if you think your child might have issues with those, you might want to pass.

On the other hand, though, the story line is very cute and very predictable.  There is some humor that will likely go over kid heads, but nothing bad.    My daughter and I were both impressed by the sets and the puppets.  They were wonderfully done and the puppeteers did a great job with them.  The story follows a young mermaid who wants to be a pirate. It takes a sort of 'Little Mermaid'-esk story, with most of the plot line playing off of that.

The show is running until July 17th.  You can find more information about the show on the Center for Puppetry Arts site.

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