Friday, March 04, 2016

Touring Pokecon at Sukoshi Con #pokemon #pokemon20thanniversary

I'd heard about Sukoshi Con before, but hadn't tried going as I was told it was too small. Given that this year is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, the con decided to theme itself accordingly. My kids have always enjoyed Pokemon (even if they don't play the card game), so we decided to bite the bullet and check it out.

This was their schedule of events. This wasn't available until we actually got to the event.  There were few/no updates on their website to go with the con.  The only information I got ahead of time was on their facebook page as a result of others posting questions.  There really wasn't much there. There was a video room playing the movies, an event room, and a panel room. My kids weren't interested in any of the panels having seen similar panels at other cons.

We did swing by the game room to check it out.  My daughter played on the Wii for a few minutes.

You only miss seeing a few of the computers here.  The board game selection was very small with very few of the newer tabletop games.

This was "Artist Alley".  There were about 5 artists. Loved their stuff, you can see the effort they put into making it. Unfortunately, we had little money to spend this time around.

One of my favorite reasons for going to cons with my kids is to catch the cosplayers.  Love the effort they put into their characters.  This was the sum total of cosplayers I saw in the hour we were there.

The vendors hall had 6 vendors.  Again, loved their stuff, but with no money to spend, there wasn't much to keep me there.  The con was held at the W hotel in midtown.  As a result, the price of admission was kinda high.  We spent a sum total of about an hour wandering and chatting with vendors/artists/etc.  After that we left.  

Will we go again?  Not unless Sukoshi Con can either bring down cost of admission to go with what it offers, or it grows into the price of admission.

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