Monday, February 29, 2016

Primary Election Day Tomorrow and why you should go vote

Sure it may "only" be the primaries, but you should really get out and vote.  I pulled these statistics from Statistic Brain.  It's sad to know that half of the eligible voters are actually registered to vote.  The question will be how many "bother" to go and put out their opinion.

Total number of Americans eligible to vote218,959,000
Total number of Americans registered to vote146,311,000
Total number of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election126,144,000
Percent of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election57.5 %
State with the highest voter turnout rate (Minnesota)75 %
State with the lowest voter turnout rate (Utah)53.1 %

I can only hope that people realize that it DOES make a difference, even if the general opinion is that it won't.  The primaries will send delegates to the conventions to vote for party candidates.  You can help either a) make sure YOUR candidate has a chance to make it (by voting FOR them), or b) vote AGAINST the person you least want to see have a chance (by voting in their party for someone ELSE, preferably a desirable alternative not just a random candidate).

Polls open at 7a tomorrow morning and stay open until 7p.  Make the effort to get out and vote.

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