Friday, January 29, 2016

Getting it done #newyearsgoal #procrastination

I'm working on fixing small things, like a bad case of procrastination.  I was caught in my own little world last year.  I am trying to be more involved and just get things done.  Easier said than done, as I'm sure fellow procrastinators would tell you.

For example, my engagement ring hasn't fit in 5+ years.  I finally took it and got it resized.  Not that it would have cost me anything to do it before now, so it was just a matter of deciding to actually do it.

We had needed a new hdmi cable for about 2 months.  They only cost about $5.  I finally got around to getting it.  Now I can watch movies again.

They were little things that by themselves aren't particularly important, but I feel a lot better just having gotten them done.  I have plenty of these little things that need to be done.  So, one of my goals for the year is to practice getting them done.  After all, it only takes 3(?) times to make a habit, so I can potentially change it.

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