Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday fumigation and random facts

This is just a list of random things from the election that either set me off or random facts that I found interesting.

1- Don't blame me for your own shortfalls.  I may let some things slide, but if you have a job to do, you shouldn't be surprised if I fully expect you to do what you're being paid for.

2- Adult coloring books can be a life saver.  It worked wonders Tuesday to keep me from acting inappropriately as a poll manager.

3- Just over 25k voters turned out to vote for the eSplost in Gwinnett.

4- Gwinnett County Board of Elections is looking for poll workers.  There's an election in March, May and November next year that they're gearing up for.  16 year old teens no longer have to have a work release signed by a parent to work the polls.

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