Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My weekend with the plumber #homerepair #toomuchwater #MrRooterRocks @MrRooterLLC

It wasn't the whole weekend, which is a good thing.. just all day Sunday.  Fortunately, at least one of my problems isn't so immediate that it had to be fixed same day/weekend.  The ceiling in the den has leaked twice before in the past.  The first time required a full bathroom remodel.  The second was a joint about 5 years ago.  This time it appears to be the toilet.  It's not actively leaking, so we held off on this repair.

On the other hand, the valve for the hose in the front of the house was actively spraying water.  It apparently had been doing it for a while, but this past week we've had a puddle by the wall.  So, I gave up and called the plumber primarily on this one.  Looks like yuck and has made a mess.

New valve, water isn't spraying, so we appear to be good.  Just not the way I'd planned to spend money on the weekend.

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