Monday, August 24, 2015

Medical Monday #doublevision #bruising #nodepthperception

It's been a while, so I thought I'd update on a couple of things..

About my eye- it's still turned inward slightly.  I've had friends tell me that it looks a lot better, but I haven't seen a difference.  The opthalmalogist covered one lens of my glasses with opaque tape.  That allows me to maintain some peripheral vision while blocking the double image (thus I can drive).  Thenoriginal estimate for it to heal was 3-4 months.  That time has officially passed,  with no change in vision.  I go back to see the neuro-opthalmalogist a week from tomorrow.  I'll find out what the next step is then.

Related to that, for those that don't follow me on facebook, is I took a fall last week while at my daughter's volleyball game.  I was trying to stop the ball from going under the bleachers, but with no depth perception, misjudged.  As a result, I landed on my left side on the hardwood floor.  I bruised my ego that night, but felt the actual bruises a couple days later.  My upper left arm is still slightly sore as is my left hip.  I apparently also twisted my right knee slightly, making it rather unhappy with me.  Nothing I won't survive, but, OUCH!

In other "medical news", I managed to knock a crown loose..  just my luck on that.  I'm waiting to hear from the dentist about getting it fixed.

And that's my medical Monday update...

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