Friday, July 10, 2015

Feline Friday #kittens #fosterkittens #kittenproofingyourvideogames @furkids

We tried just blocking off the video game consoles, but the kittens quickly proved that an exercise in futility.  So, I upped my game a baby gate.  3 baby gates and zip ties make a great "cage" to keep kittens away from cords and consoles.  The front gate is also zipped to the table that everything is sitting on to help in stability.  We do pull the little sensor bars out to use the Wii, but they go back under when done.  Otherwise, kittens are quite likely  to eat the cord.

The next issue is under the old sewing machine desk.  The kittens were (and are) very good at getting to the power cord of the old sewing machine stored inside.  Duct Tape worked for a while, but they figured out how to pull it off the table (which made for yet more toys).  While cleaning up stuff from the attic, I found an old drawing a friend from HS had given me.  Framed, it covers the area under the desk nicely.  It's reasonably heavy too, so it will make it harder to move.  I've zip tied it to the desk itself so that it can't fall.

Anyone else had to get creative to kitten proof a room?  I haven't even tried the house.

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