Monday, June 01, 2015

My #MomoCon wrap up

I'll do picture posting later. Some went up on instagram, some went up on pinterest.  Those were the ones taken by my phone.  The ones from my camera I'm still processing, so I'll post those as I can.  I spent two hours last night trying to get my computer to cooperate, so it's a work in progress.

At any rate, for the most part I enjoyed Momo this year.  I took 4 teens (my two and their two BFs) and a friend's 20yo on Friday and Saturday.  We took MARTA downtown to avoid Atlanta's Friday traffic. It was fun watching folks react to us being in costume. The layout at the GWCC wasn't too bad.  Most of it was in the A building of the GWCC.   The dealer's room was on the bottom floor, panels were on the other two.  My choice of panels both days sucked.  For the most part, either the panel turned out to be uninteresting, or it wasn't really what I thought it was.  The only one that WAS interesting and WAS what I expected was the "Bullwhips with Catwoman".  I discovered I'm not good with bullwhips. Probably a good thing as far as my hubs is concerned.

I was a little disappointed Friday with the reactions at the Con to my costume. I dressed as Mary Poppins (black skirt suit) with bag & umbrella.  I got reactions "Look! Mary Poppins!" and as soon as I turned around and folks saw the glasses with opaque lens they tended to flinch or wince.   Sorry folks, stuff happens and you can't always be perfect.  It gave me a new found respect for the handicapped cosplayers that have more of a disability than I have.  Saturday I was "an elf", so no special reactions one way or the other to anything.

I usually love going to the tabletop gaming area.  I only played one game this year.  I went from that to lunch (I was hungry) and when I came back all the tables were full and no games were open.  I tried surfing back several times, but my luck at that just wasn't there.  So no big tabletop gaming sessions for me this year.

The kids tended to disappear to their own things, so I really can't speak much for their experience. I do know that my daughter spent a lot of time at the Crunchyroll booth playing with the video stream. She also spent a lot of time just meeting people.  The boys actually went to some panels and the game room.  By the end of the day Saturday, though, the boys were done.  If the 4 day pass hadn't been cheaper than a walk-up 2 day pass, I'd have been a bit more concerned.

My daughter and I returned Sunday for one last big event.  She went to the Haikyuu! fan meetup and photoshoot.  Then she hung out in the dealer's room and at the Crunchroll booth again.  I went to two more panels.  Both were actually what they advertised, but only one held my attention.  I skipped out on the last one I thought about going to. I was just done at that point.

I'm mostly a people watcher at these events.  I did find a few spots to hang out and get photos.  Unlike the hotel, though, there wasn't a central location to stake out to see all the costumes.  I had to actually try different locations to get more photos.  Something that will take time to adjust to.

Overall, glad I bought my tickets early so I didn't pay as much.  Otherwise I might have been a bit more disappointed in the results.  The con itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't outstanding this year either.

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