Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Home repair after tree fell on the house - final word

This really should have been yesterday, instead it was today. I was originally quoted one week to get everything taken care of. It seemed, though, that other jobs got in the way. So, Monday/Tuesday last week, they got the roof repaired. (No work was done Wednesday and the workers didn't show until 6p Thursday.) Thursday they finished getting my roof shingled. Friday a single guy came out to do all the painting and inside dry wall work. To say the least, he didn't finish until Saturday. Monday, the workers were supposed to come out and rehang the gutters. That didn't happen until today. So, while the work seems to have been done well, there was a problem in getting it done in a timely manner (or at least in the time frame I was given).

This is my garage ceiling that had to be repaired. The garage can't be used yet, because there is still some stuff from the attic that has to be sorted through in the garage. There is als all the stuff from along the walls in the garage being moved to the middle. So, sorting and cleaning there still has to happen.

This is the laundry room where the tree landed. Ceiling fixed, everything painted, it's now back to being functional.

This is where the gutter should go. Hopefully, this will get done today as promised and I can start considering the construction complete.

Today is a totally different project and I'll post about that later this week.

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