Friday, May 08, 2015

Fistulated Friday

First, I wanted to apologize for so many PSA's this week on the blog.  I hate it when I leave it "empty" of meaningful (or slightly useful) posts.  Those at least had things I thought you might be interested in, I just don't normally post so many of them in a week.
At any rate, I can't call it Fistulated Friday any more as the fistulas themselves are gone.  I went in for an angiogram this past Monday.  They wanted to see what was going on and to fix any remaining fistula if needed.  There's no fistula there to fix.  This is a good thing.

On the other hand, my right eye is still turned inward, thus causing double vision.  I went back to the neuro-ophthalmologist yesterday to get it looked at.  The general diagnosis is that the coil they used to close the fistula on the right side is either pressing somewhat on the nerve that controls outward eye movement, or there's still enough irritation/swelling to cause issues in the area.  The solution, such as it is, is time.  The doctor said it could take 3-4 months to totally resolve itself.  If it doesn't, then at 4 months they look at other solutions.

The only other concern was pressure in the right eye.  Nothing to worry about currently, but I'm to see a Kaiser ophthalmologist in a month or so to recheck it.  If it's still up, to see about getting drops to help bring it down.

They also put an opaque tape over the lens of my glasses on the right side.  This doesn't completely cut off vision, but eliminates part of the double part.    The comment was that I will adjust and will be able to drive again..  I think I may have to practice that in small parts first.  My sense of depth perception has been thrown off by all this.

So as far as vision goes, nothing has particularly changed.  Time and patience have to be my friends for a while longer.

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