Thursday, April 02, 2015

Fairy Garden Fun #gardening #containergardening #fairyhomes

I love playing with my fairy garden.  I only had the big one until last summer.  Last summer I added the second small.  This year, I've added a third tier with the dragon.  I want to work on connecting them (maybe a suspension bridge) and get a little more creative.  For now, though, this is what they look like.

The top right set up is an old bird bath with moss and a bonsai tree.  The middle is moss with Tinkerbell from another yard decoration that fell apart.  The third (upper left) is the new one.  It's an old bucket that will crack if I move it too much.  It has moss and the starting of a small shrub.  I'll rearrange and add based on what plants I decide may work.  I like to ignore it, so the plants have to be hardy.

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