Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two tips for Tuesday (Beginning my journey into #essentialoils #peppermint #lavender #lemon)

I've been playing with essential oils for a while, but haven't really talked about it except to other parents at my daughter's school.  With everything else I've had going on, though, I've done a bit more with them.  I originally picked up a starter kit from doTerra last year.  My collection, though, has since grown considerably.  A friend is a seller of doTerra products and I picked up two diffusers from her.  Up until recently, I had just used them to make things smell better.

My headaches, though, have stopped responding as well to tylenol/ibuprofen.  In an effort to get some relief (if not full relief), I started diffusing peppermint in the room I'm in.  This is a definite help.

My same friend recommended a mix for allergy season.  It contains peppermint, lavender, and lemon.  One drop of each into one tbsp of coconut oil, rolled onto the palms of your hands and then sniffed.  Given that some of the pressure I feel is caused by sinuses, I've started using this as well.  It also helps.

So tip number one is peppermint for headaches.  Tip number two is the combination for allergies/sinuses.  I can't say either of these will work for everyone, but they have certainly helped me.

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