Monday, March 09, 2015

Arts and Crafts is still fun for 16 year old boys (painting pots and making swords)

This past weekend, we hosted a friend's kids.  Given how pretty it was, I decided they needed to get outside for at least part of it.  Saturday they cleaned the yard and gutters.  Sunday was "arts and crafts" day.  The art project was to take my miscellaneous tidy cats containers that I've been using as pots and paint them.  This way, they don't glare "recycled cat litter" when folks see my yard.  Instead, they'll see bright colors.

The other project the kids took on was to make wooden swords.  They figured if I could do it, so could they.  We picked up lumber from Home Depot , cleared the garage, and they set to work.  First drawing their sword outlines onto their pieces of wood.

Then the boys took over with circular saws, jigsaws and handsaws.

They're not even close to done with the selection.  They got one partially cut out and one almost completely cut.  The one mostly cut out really just needs to start the sanding process.  The other has more cutting to do.  There are still 3 to be cut.  Our jigsaw was overheating, which didn't help.  I'd love to get a band saw to do this sort of work.  My son agreed that it would have been helpful.  This project is to be continued.

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