Thursday, January 29, 2015

My @StitchFix for January

I've only had one Stitch Fix before, and it wasn't overly successful. On a whim (and feeling lucky), I decided to give it another go. My stylist sent me a note saying she went mostly "classic" with a touch of boho. What I received was a pair of skinny jeans, dolman top, v-neck sweater, cardigan sweater, and necklace.

These were my favorites out of the batch. The black v-neck sweater, dolman, and jeans. Oh, the jeans! So comfy and they FIT!

Dolman top with the skinny jeans. They FIT! And they look good! (My opinion, my daughter actually agreed.)

I tried the necklace on with the dolman. It kind of gets lost in the pattern.

V-neck sweater.  My daughter tried this one on too and was surprised by how comfy it was.  The necklace gets lost with this one too.

The cardigan.  Very nice, not sure what I'd wear it with.  The pictures it came with showed plaid or flannel. I don't really have either of those.

By the time I calculated the cost of what I wanted to keep (the jeans and two tops), I was almost to paying for all of it with the 25% discount for buying all 5.  So I'll keep all 5.  The necklace was nice, but not something I'd have gotten otherwise.  A bit pricey for the piece.  I'll have to play with the cardigan to see what I can do with it with what I have.

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