Friday, September 26, 2014

I AM (defining my niche) #typeacon #figuringitout #bloggerstuff

So at the Type-A Parent conference, I was told that even though I consider myself niche-less, that I do in fact have a niche. It just may not be what I was expecting.  So, in an effort to figure it out, I'm defining some things about myself and some of the things I blog about.

As a Blogger, I AM...

A PARENT - I have two teenage children and multiple pets.

An ADVOCATE - I have no problems going to bat for my children and my beliefs.  I've gone to the Capitol to talk to legislators and I've gone to the school to talk to administrators.  I will speak out for charities and organizations that I believe I can help.

A LOCAL - I was raised in Stone Mountain, went to college in Atlanta, now reside in Gwinnett.  I talk about events and activities and businesses in my vicinity.

An EDUCATOR - I teach my kids what I can, supplementing the education they receive at school.  I may not have an official teacher's certificate, but educating is more than just a degree.  I'm a substitute teacher in my county as well.

 A DIYer - Before I'll hire someone, I'll decide if I can (and should) do it myself.

A MAKER - Whether it's crafting or electronics, I love to play.  Rarely am I totally successful, but I'm ok with that.

I don't know that these help me identify my niche or not, but it certainly does more to identify me to those newcomers who would read my blog.

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