Thursday, September 04, 2014

Decatur Book Festival #dbf2014 #books @JFrenchAuthor @0jkbarber0

My kids haven't gone with me to the book festival in a couple of years. After last year's haul of books, they decided to tag along with me. There weren't any sessions they (or I) wanted to attend, which made the whole visit much simpler and shorter. Lack of funds didn't hurt either.

At any rate, my son and I both agreed we had to find Jonathan French and get his newest book - The Errantry of Bantam Flyn. We were easily successful on that, and son was happy to have gotten to meet an author he really likes. Directly next to Mr. French was a husband/wife pair, J.K. Barber. They quickly caught my daughter's attention with their run down of the books they'd written. My daughter came away with a 3-in-1 book of their first series (Chronicles of Aronshae). From what we were told, there are only 550 of it printed (no plans to print more) and she got it signed by the authors AND the artist. I think she got an awesome prize there.  The third book is by just the wife.  Hopefully, the kids will put up a review of the books on their site later.

We also hit up a couple of the used book booths. I found 4 books for $10 at one spot, my daughter got 2 at the same location. We also picked up 6 at another stall (3 for $10). Some are for gifts.

After that (and lunch) we'd run out of our pocket money, so we headed home where it was much cooler.  Just in case you're interested, though, my understanding is that Jonathan French will also be at the CONjuration Con in October.

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