Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday's five step Fairy Garden #fairy #Tinkerbell #garden #howto #diy

I've had a fairy garden for a while, but I decided to expand it out a bit. The lower level is an old bird bath. The upper is the bottom of a pot (water tray). It still needs more work, but I added the house as well as the upper level this time. I rearranged somewhat as well.

The upper level has a basil "tree", gazing globe, bird feeder and Tinkerbell.  The lower level has the house, bird bath, bird house, gnome, and a small bonsai.  There is a moss "fall" joining the two.  The moon/fairy above is a stake that is separate from the others. I found that at a local festival last year.

If you're wanting to create one of your own, here are the steps I used to get started.

  1.  Find a suitable container (in my case an old bird bath)
  2. Place a layer of pebbles on the bottom for drainage
  3. Add a layer of potting soil
  4. Add moss (I just went out into my yard and pulled up sections of moss. I got some from different areas so it left my yard looking like squirrels had been there more than I had been pulling up moss.)
  5. Add decorations.  This is only limited by your imagination and purse.  The basil came from my garden.  Tink came from a bird bath that broke, we saved her.  The gnome/bird bath/bird house/gazing globe came from Hobby Lobby's sale/clearance area.  The bonsai from Wal-Mart.  The house is a decorative bird house I bought at a yard sale.  Since I just added the upper area, I'm going to wait until the moss is established before adding more plants.  There are mini plants you can purchase to add detail to your scene.

Once created, enjoy! 

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