Thursday, June 19, 2014

We found @StarWars in St. Maarten

I wouldn't have known about this little (almost hole in the wall) shop if I hadn't attended the "where to shop" seminar on board ship. It's half museum, half shop, run by the creator of Yoda from Star Wars, Nick Maley ("That Yoda Guy").  My son picked up a wonderful sketch that's signed and we took time to visit the "back of the shop" museum.  It was more than just Star Wars, but I'm limiting this post to just the Star Wars stuff.  Most of it is self explanatory for those who know Star Wars.  There were plaques that talked about some of the items on display. I read those, but didn't get pictures of them.  There were also samples of the script and photos of various scenes.

They only actually cast Harrison Ford's face for the carbonite, the rest was a generic body mold.

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