Thursday, June 05, 2014

I'm an addict for @Kickstarter

I have to admit it.  I'm a kickstarter addict.  I love going to the site and checking out the options.  I started off simply, supporting a young boy with his project to make jellies.  I moved up to a Settlers of Catan gaming board and hexels.  I have to admit, I really love those.  They make playing Catan so much easier.  I'm looking forward to his project for creating a carry bag for them.

I've supported a couple other food type options.  One was for tea from the Navajo nation.  A very nice tea blend as well.  The other is for paleo snacks.  I don't have the interest in the diet itself, but the snacks have turned out to be not so bad.  They're a selection of organic/paleo based snacks that come once a month.

I've also supported a couple of other games, those haven't been delivered yet.  As well as a couple of technology types and a movie project.  Once all of those come in (or are processed), I'll talk more in depth about them.  Of course, I've most recently supported the Reading Rainbow project as well.  That one was funded in a day, which is absolutely awesome.

The wonderful thing about Kickstarter, though, is that when you support a project, you can start at a $1 (or $5) and it goes up from there.  It's up to you to decide what level you're comfortable with..  Some have rewards, some don't.  It's a wonderful way to help out a new project or company get started, or to support a cause.  If you're interested in checking it out, you may want to start here.

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