Monday, June 09, 2014

Health - Digestion & Constipation

I know, lovely topic right?  At any rate, conversation has to start somewhere.  I'm one of those that has issues.  I'm either clogged or I'm loose.  Being clogged can be quite painful and I've already seen a doctor about it.  Her solution was drink more water, eat more fiber, and get more exercise.  She also did a colonoscopy just to make sure nothing looked wrong.  Lovely.  Unfortunately, those by themselves aren't quite enough for my system. 

For a while I just took a probiotic or ate a lot of yogurt.  It helped, but not necessarily consistently or enough.  It wasn't until I went to the ALIVE! expo and talked to a homeopathic doctor that I found a reasonable solution.   Dr. Gary Pack of Nutrient Medicine suggested adding a prebiotic to my probiotic.   Of course he sells his own supplies online.

I, on the other hand, being me, went to Amazon to find what I wanted.  I've been giving it a try for the last month and I have to say it has made a difference.  I'm not clogged and I'm not (always) loose.  I can't say I'm ideal, but at least I'm better than I was.  Now off to try more of what I learned to see what else I can fix or at least improve.

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