Friday, May 23, 2014

First day at the Polls

I thought I'd follow up with a brief summary of my first day working at an election poll.  I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to a long day.  I was expected to be there by 6a to get the poll set up and ready to go by 7a.  Polls close at 7p and then we have to shut it all down.  I'm glad I wasn't the poll manager that had to then transport stuff  back to election headquarters which made the day that much longer.  As it was, it was close to 10p by the time I got home.  Very long day.

The day itself actually ran pretty quickly.  The setup was hectic as we tried to get everything up before our deadline.  Voting was relatively light, but fairly constant.  We had 1-2 voters at a time, pretty much all day long.  A couple of times we got excited because all of our units were full and we had a small waiting line.  (Oh the simple joys.)  It was disappointing, though, that more didn't turn out.  We had just under 300 voters turn out.  My understanding is that our precinct is 1500+.  So less than 1/5 of the precincts voters made the effort.  Sad.

At any rate, I've already indicated I'd be happy to work the runoff in July.  Somehow I'm not expecting a lot out of that one.  Then again, I could be surprised too.

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