Thursday, May 08, 2014

Container Gardening (easy peasy)

The best area in my yard for gardening, is unfortunately not suitable for gardening. There are a lot of tree roots and not a lot of soil. So, I work around that using mostly recycled containers for my plants.

This is actually my small "pond". It was originally a kid's toy bucket, but since they outgrew it it was sitting in the attic. I wanted to drain my small pond in the back as the dogs were having a bit too much fun with it; however, it had tadpoles in it that I couldn't just abandon. So I filled this container up with water and the plants from my "pond" and then rescued as many tadpoles as I could.

These are my plant containers. Recycled cat litter boxes, kids' paddle pools, etc.  I have peppers growing in the closest paddle pool.  Onions are in the pink, lettuce in the far paddle pool.  Smaller containers have tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, beans, lavender, lemon balm, bee balm, miniature pomegranate, and more.   Most of my plants are heritage seed or from local growers (local master gardeners had a sale as did the local college). To use the containers, I punched holes in the bottoms to make sure the water could drain before putting the soil in.  If I wanted to get fancy, I could have painted the cat litter boxes, but I didn't bother.

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