Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Decatur Book Festival #dbf2013

2013 DBF Signed Books
My kids were supposed to go with me Saturday, but my daughter decided before getting out of bed that she'd pass.  My son decided 10 minutes before leaving that since there was really only one session/pair of authors he wanted to see, that he'd pass.  For some reason, he didn't want to be stuck wandering with me and listening to all of the others I wanted to hear.  Especially since his session was the first one of the day.

At any rate, I heard some authors who are apparently well known, but not to me.  I talked with some authors who are not small but building a base and to one that has a very small base.  All were fascinating.  For sessions, I went to Rick Yancey & D.J. McHale at the teen stage.  I brought back books for my son from this session.  I saw Alex Hughes and Lev & Austin Grossman.  I visited with Johnathan French, Guy Cote, Robert Jay, Georgia Romance Writers (several good ones there), J. K. Barber and more.  I spent an entire day wandering downtown Decatur and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I also watched the Emory acapella group Ahana sing. I recorded the songs and put them on my YouTube channel.  Just scroll down, they're under both "Music" and "Recent".

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