Monday, July 08, 2013

My view of the Peachtree Road Race #ajcprr

I had the opportunity to run the Peachtree Road Race on the 4th of July. I did considerably better than I expected. What was funny, though, was that even though I was wearing this (and I had quite a few photographers stop me to get pictures):

Most of the runners noticed my feet first. I had on a pair of my vibrams to run in.

For anyone interested, my skirt came from SparkleSkirts and is wonderful to run in.  I had a couple of other runners end up saving the site for future reference.  The shirt came from Amazon.  I had on two Sleefs (one said Boston, the other was a flag) and compression sleeves on my calves. 

This is the view of the crowd from somewhere at the front of my wave.

Enroute.  This is a bit after the start line (I didn't have my phone out), but before the 1st mile marker.

I did better on my time than I'd hoped. I finished in 1:25.57. I was hoping to finish in 1:30 (a 15 minute mile average), so I'm happy with the results. At the end, though, the results of lots of rain and a huge number of runners ahead of me had turned the finish line and field at the end of the race into a mud pit. My shoes took the brunt of that.

Along the way I saw multiple servicemen in uniform running the race, one in full gear.  One stopped at each mile marker and did push ups (sorry, no photos).  I also enjoyed seeing some of the patients from the Shepherd Center out on the course cheering everyone on, definitely a good motivator. I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. I've run at Disney and had a blast because of the cast members and general public out there. I was happy to see a lot of the same support on the Peachtree from businesses and public.

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