Monday, April 22, 2013

Images from the Dirty Girl Mud Run @GoDirtyGirl

On Saturday, I participated in the Dirty Girl Run at Lake Lanier.  I did have my phone with me, but the mud clouded my camera at some point through the race.  So, I'm sharing what is good or what is at least discernable.

Up by 6:30 to leave the house by 7a.
I didn't get any shots of the start line.  I got there early and checked in quickly.  The 90 minute warning was an excellent thing.  I didn't care for the wait in the cold, but I'd have liked it less if I had to stand in line in the cold.

I took off with a group of fellow mom bloggers with the 9:45a wave.

 The actual first wall we climbed was an inflatable wall, same look on both sides.  I didn't get a photo of it, though I will say I was lucky on that one.  It bounced when you moved and when other women on the wall moved.  I bounced off at the same time someone else bounced.  It forced my bad knee to bend farther than it does voluntarily which HURT.

The first wall I have a picture of.

Fellow Mommy Bloggers Climbing



The first mud obstacle. Fairly simple, a good way to get your feet wet (ha!)

Another easy wall

Kind of a tire obstacle.  Those that tried to "run" through ended up on their bottoms.

Another mud obstacle.  This one you had to get down and dirty with. My hair kept getting caught in the netting, so I had to get low to get through.

Coming out I was dripping wet and muddy

A very tall rope wall. Very tiring to get over, but very doable.

The top of the mud slide. A tall inflatable slide with a nice mud pit at the bottom.  I know of several women who had to do the slide multiple times.  This was the last "big" obstacle.   At this point, you couldn't really see through the bag I had my phone in and I didn't have a way to dry it off (or clean it), so I made do until the end of the race.

I made it! Dirty, wet and slightly cold, but I made it through the 5K with obstacles.

Overall, I had a blast.  I didn't get pictures of even half of the obstacles.  Which is a shame because they were all fun (well mostly) and challenging. 

I took a change of clothes and a towel with me. I checked those into the bag check area for the end of the race. They had a "rinse and change" tent for us to go use. I did a basic rinse with a garden hose, then dried most of me off and changed. I made sure to have underwear too. I think it's definitely a race I will try again next year. I did it in my Vibrams this time, I think next time I'll use old sneakers. There were several areas that sneakers would have been better than the vibrams, though the vibrams were definitely easy to rinse out.


Amy @ Marvelous Mommy said...

Looks like sooo much fun!!

Unknown said...

man this looks like so much fun. Congratulations for successfully getting through it. I'm hoping to do at least one marathon this year. Every time I see you ladies do one I am so inspired and even more determined to do one. said...

I was so worried about your camera phone in the mud. Great pics though.