Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I had a post I was going to write yesterday and I forgot to write it. I just realized today that I hadn't written anything for today's post either. I blame it all on CRCTs. That's my current excuse and I'll stick to it. My kids took their tests last week, which was a challenge. With GCA, they have to go to a site to test. This means that GCA has to find sites state wide that will hold the kids that need to take them. For us, it was relatively close by, which was a good thing. My daughter took her tests in the morning. While she was there, my son hung out at home. I helped at the site with check-in and general traffic flow. I had a couple of wonderful ladies there helping me out as well.

In the afternoon, my son tested. I had to make a point of taking my daughter home, getting lunch, then getting back to our test site for him to test. While he was working, I acted as a proctor in another room. The MS group of kids was bigger for our location. It was generally 4:30 before we left the test site to head home, which made for long days for me. We skipped all extra activities for the week, just to keep from feeling frazzled trying to get places on time.

This week I'm helping out with make up testing. Not as many kids and I don't have to worry about mine as much. They're enjoying sleeping in while I head out to work. For me, testing wraps up tomorrow. For the teachers, I think they have another day or two to go. After that, we start the 'wrap it all up' phase of getting school work done. YEA!

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