Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Billy Elliott @TheAtlantaFox

I was given two tickets to go see the opening night of Billy Elliott at the Fox. I went knowing only that it was Tony award winning musical and the basic plot line, which left me open to experience the story.

Let me say first that I was very impressed by the young boy playing Billy Elliott (J.P. Viernes), he did a wonderful job. I loved when they included the jump rope into the tap at one section. I'm sure he found "dancing" using the cable fun (and probably dizzy), but it added a wonderful dramatic flair.

That said, I liked most of the music as well. It was well put together, which is something I would expect from Elton John. The story line, though, was depressing. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I knew the basics, but it was more than I think I expected at the time.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience. It would be excellent for date night. The show, though, is not one that I would currently take either of my kids to. My son on general principles, he has expressed little to no interest in going to musicals. My daughter, though, I wasn't prepared to have to explain details to and the language was a bit more than I care for her to hear (doesn't mean she doesn't know the words, but I don't have to promote their use). Also, most of the humor was aimed at the adults and I didn't really want to have to explain a couple of the concepts to her. I'm sure we'll have that discussion at some point, just not yet.

Billy Elliott is at the Fox from March 13 - March 18. If you get an opportunity to go, then go!

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